MSSP Services

Digital agility for modern business.


Explore Abaxio’s tool belt to Gain productivity and performance with simple, powerful, secure IT.


End Point Detection and Response

42% of the most frequent attacks are ransomware-led. Detect and respond to cybersecurity threats in seconds, not hours, with Abaxio’s EDR.

Threat Hunting

Future-proof your SOC and scale business

Uplevel your SOC with industry-leading proactive threat hunting. Automate operations and help drive outstanding ROI.

Web Application Vulnerability Testing

End Point Detection and Response

Built on years of ongoing research, Abaxio’s WAVTMTesting finds the vulnerabilities that make your web application vulnerable to a hacker.


Disaster Recover / Business Continuity

Think outside the overpriced box! Don’t buy or babysit expensive appliances – Abaxio delivers business-class disaster recovery at up to 60% lower TCO.

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