Attention MSP’s: Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Clients by 42% with Rhinoscan™

Add Value and Augment to Your Current Revenue Streams with Automated and Custom Cybersecurity Services

Do you currently use shrink-wrapped tools such as Qualys™, Tenable™, or SolarWinds™ to harden your clients’ infrastructures? As a Managed Service Provider, you should be aware of the limitations of these tools.

Shrink-wrapped scanning systems can only identify vulnerabilities that are known and documented. They cannot probe beneath the surface of an application to find hidden vulnerabilities.

The lack of guidance & remediation of shrink-wrap security does nothing to help position you as the expert in the room. However, there’s a turnkey solution you should know about:

Rhinoscan™ Increases the Lifetime Value of Your Clients:

To our knowledge, Rhinoscan™ is one of the only automated solutions that identifies both known and unknown vulnerabilities through its more rigorous and customized testing.

By combining cost-effectiveness and autonomy of shrink-wrapped scanning with semi-manual penetration testing, Rhinoscan™ achieves a more comprehensive and effective assessment of your clients’ web applications. This distinction adds value to your current offering and enhances your status as a true MSSP.

Some additional thoughts on the limitations of your shrink-wrap security solutions:

  • Time consuming and expensive to deploy and maintain
  • Difficult to use and interpret
  • Significant limitations in actual remediation guidance
  • Does nothing to augment or bump up the services you provide to your clients

For less money than you’re spending now on your shrink-wrap systems, Rhinoscan™ creates more value, with less overhead.

Enterprise-grade security

Scan your systems with the same underlying scanning engines as used by big banks and governments worldwide. With over 140,000 security checks available, Rhinoscan provides comprehensive coverage that suits every digital business.

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Actionable, prioritized results

Rhinoscan highlights issues that have genuine impact on your security, so you can see what matters quickly & follow remediation advice to fix the issues.

24/7 Scanning

Rhinoscan proactively scans your systems as soon as new vulnerabilities are released, and notifies your team about newly discovered threats.

Accurate Results

Traditional vulnerability scanners were built for cyber security professionals. Rhinoscan makes it easy for non-experts to get started, by explaining the real risks and providing remediation advice in easy-to-understand language.

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BASE - 1 FQDN / 1 Infrastructure Target

Breadth and Depth of the Attack Surface


  • External scanning
  • Application scanning
  • Prioritised results
  • Unlimited ad hoc scans
  • 2 users

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2 FQDN's / 3 Infrastructure Targets

Scan of the Target Surface - Deep and Wide


  • Unlimited scheduled and ad hoc scans
  • Internal agent and external network scanning
  • Automated cloud and Emerging Threat Scans
  • Tools for teams: integrations, Single Sign On (SSO) options, unlimited users

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